Meet Jesse Image

“After 23 years of asking citizens and politicians about property taxes and traffic issues, I discovered a way to ask them about their favorite burger. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?”

The South’s Favorite Foodie

Jesse Blanco is one of the most recognizable personalities in the Savannah Hilton Head Island Television Market.

As a journalist by nature and by trade, he stumbled upon an opportunity to explore Southern diversity through the foods that people in the South enjoy most. Yes, we all know the South is most know for its exceptional comfort foods, but some years ago he spotted a trend in Southern Cuisine that was far more progressive than a lot of people were willing to give it credit for. Not long after, a blog and television show about food in the South was created. It’s called Eat It and Like It.

Jesse Blanco and Eat It and Like It are most known along Georgia’s coast and the Carolina Low Country. The TV show is regularly the highest rated local show in the region. And why not? People love to eat, right?

The show also allows Jesse to share his adopted hometown with the South and the rest of the South with Savannah. 15 million tourists a year visit the Savannah area and Eat It and Like It has become the area’s best dining resource.