“Sometimes you get so bogged down with chopping down trees, that you have no idea what it looks like from across the street.  We can help”

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You’ve got an idea and you aren’t sure if it will work. Or you know it will work, you are focused and ready to go, but you aren’t exactly sure what the best and most cost effective way to get the word out. Where should I set up shop? How many days a week should I open?

These are scenarios Jesse Blanco has been presented with dozens of times since the creation of Eat It and Like It. As the voice of food in the region, many business have found his input incredible valuable in executing their vision.

What may work for one business or person, may not always work for the next. The goal is to find the best fit for you and your business plans and vision. We can help.

Here’s one freebie: It all starts with great food.

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Word on the Street

“Hunter Cattle Co has a long friendship with Jesse Blanco, and his Eat It and Like It franchise, and can attest to have reaped rewards from our relationship.  Because of his popularity and broad market reach, every time he mentions Hunter Cattle, whether by print or video, we get a noticeable increase in attention to what we are doing.

We look forward to many more years of working with Jesse, and will offer an introduction to anyone who would like to glean from his food marketing skills and knowledge.”

Del Ferguson

Owner, Hunter Cattle Company

Brooklet, Georgia


“Over the last five years, Jesse and his team have built an unprecedented excitement in Savannah around interesting restauranteurs and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives them. No doubt, area foodies want to know what he thinks and will take him at his word. In my experience, clients stand to gain a definitive increased foothold in the market due to the popularity Jesse’s earned coupled with the variety of means through which he shares their stories.”

Kara Ford

Savannah PR Executive


“Jesse has earned not only status as a ‘household name’ for himself and Eat It and Like It in the Savannah/Hilton Head Island area, but more importantly a deep sense of trust from the community.

Jesse’s honest foresight and keen advice were a major key in planning our company’s growth projection in Savannah and we are incredibly thankful.”

Kay Heritage

Owner, Big Bon Pizza

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