Eat It and Like It with Jesse Blanco, Savannah and Hilton Head Island’s highest rated local television show, was created to explore the under-appreciated diversity of Southern Cuisine.

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Eat It and Like It

There are few regions in America that spark curiosities as much as the South. From the Gullah influences along the South Carolina coast, French inspiration from Louisiana and, of course, the Latin flavors of his native South Florida, Jesse saw an opportunity to tell those stories. Introduce you to the people who make the South the melting pot within the American landscape.

Eat It and Like It has never been about restaurant reviews. It has never been entirely about the food. The focus of Eat It and Like It has always been the people. Yes, do we share some great bites with our audience along the way? Of course we do. But our blog and subsequent television show has always been about bringing passions out of the kitchen and on to your TV screen as much as it has been about sharing a great place to eat.

There’s the retired school teacher outside of Statesboro, Georgia who chose to re-construct the old Civil War era grit mill in the shed behind his home. Now he sells stone ground grits to school systems for hundreds of miles around.

Maybe the Japanese Sushi Master who, after working at some of the best Sushi spots in America, decided to open his own space in Atlanta just so he could be able to play golf year-round.

Or how about the chef in Orlando who decided to become a vegan because he loved his dog so much. He decided to open a vegan restaurant ‘for fat people’ to satisfy his own appetite.

Those are the stories that make Eat It and Like It go. The people behind the foods you love to eat.

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