“Savannah doesn’t have a full-scale, full-service magazine dedicated exclusively to its food scene.  We are going to change that.  We want to share Savannah’s best with every single person who lives here or will visit here. Our city’s time has come.”

Eat It Magazine

Just about the turn of the century (sounds bizzare to read that doesn’t it?) a column in the New York Times shined a spotlight on a silver-haired hard working lady and her two sons. “The Best Lunch in America” they called it. From that point forward, Paula Deen’s life was never the same.

Truth be told, Savannah’s food scene wasn’t either.

For more than a decade, millions of visitors flocked to Savannah. Many of them waiting in long lines just to get a taste of the Southern comfort foods that made Paula Deen a household name.

Meanwhile, as Savannah’s reputation as “The Hostess City of the South” grew, restaurant owners across the region began to take notice. Savannah was arguably one of the most beautiful small cities in America with lots of room for growth and development.

Savannah’s current culinary renaissance began in the Summer of 2014 with celebrity chefs and hotels opening major outlets from one end of Savannah’s historic district to the other. 

In December 2014, The Grey opened its doors in a completely renovated and historic Greyhound Bus Terminal on Martin Luther King, Junior Blvd. An argument could be made that The Grey’s arrival waved a green flag on what Savannah’s food scene continues to become.  With that growth comes opportunity.

In the February 2011, Jesse Blanco and his business partner, Senea Crystal, created a blog and subsequent TV show that would highlight food across the South. The goal with Eat It and Like It was to ‘share Savannah with the South and the South with Savannah.’

Since then, Savannah’s food scene has exploded. The growth is unprecedented in the city. Jesse Blanco and Eat It and Like It had become of the voice of food in Savannah. 

To keep up with the growth, plans were made to develop Savannah’s 1st full service magazine dedicated exclusively to its food scene. Eat It! Magazine was a natural progression for a brand that had already became recognizable across the region.

Eat It! Magazine and its supporting website are going to be everything a tourist would want in a comprehensive guide to Savannah’s evolving food scene as well as a well maintained journal for locals on the comings and goings of chefs, restaurants, trends and great food.

Look for Eat It! Magazine soon at eatitsavannah.com